Seed Quality

PBA Hurricane XTA (RED DYE), PBA AceA (BLUE DYE) and PBA BoltA (GREEN DYE) lentil seed

All PBSeeds seed varieties are grown under a quality assurance program which involves paddock inspections and seed for sale is required to pass high and industry minimum purity, weed seed search and germination standards through an independent testing laboratory. PBSeeds is accredited for the Australian Seed Federation Ltd Code of Practice for Labelling and Marketing.

PBSeeds working philosophy is "every seed counts" in our daily seed processing operations to produce a premium quality seed product. PBSeeds has invested in high quality screen cleaning and gravity grading seed processing equipment. Our systems can process small to large seed lines with rigorous testing, equipment cleaning between lines and traceability an important element of our seed cleaning procedures. We undertake additional quality testing, above industry standard requirements, for all our lentil seed products. These include disease and virus testing. Our high quality lentil seed products can each be distinguished by colour, a unique dye is mixed with the seed dressing, P Pickle T, for improved adhesion to the seed coat. A finishing powder results in a less "dusty" seed product for improved handling.