Gourmet lentils and chickpeas

Peter of PBSeeds has mastered the art of growing lentils and chickpeas on his Wimmera farms over many decades. The seeds are planted into deep fertile self-mulching soils under a wide blue sky with only natural rainfall to help them grow. The crops naturally add nutrition to soils and are grown in rotation with other food crops in a sustainable farm system, resulting in produce with a low water and carbon footprint.
Our long days of warm sunshine slowly mature these delicate seeds which Peter harvests and cleans with great care.  These fine quality grains come fresh from the farm each year which guarantees you single origin harvest.  Please enjoy the palette of colours and flavours of our pulses. 


French green lentils

These gorgeous French green lentils have speckled blue green seeds and are often referred to as "puy lentils" in reference to the french region where they were originally grown.
Our farm grown seeds have a lovely nutty flavour, cook quickly and hold their shape well. They are beautiful in soups, salads, stews or braised to accompany poultry, lamb or sausage.

Mt Byron black lentils

Mt Byron black lentils are uniquely grown by PBSeeds in Australia and are a rare treat with their stunning shiny black coat. They get their name from Mt Byron in the Black Ranges of the Wimmera where these lentils are farmed. This style of lentil is similar to the "beluga lentil" grown in the USA. Black lentils are a rich source of antioxidants.
Quick to cook these lentils are ready in just 8-10 minutes and hold their shape well, developing a deep olive colour when ready, which contrasts beautifully with fish, poultry and in salads.

Spanish brown lentils

Spanish brown lentils are a milder flavour lentil with a lighter texture. When cooked their pale green olive colour compliments many Mediterranean style soups, stews and braises.
Their tiny size allows them to cook quickly (10 minutes) and hold their shape which is perfect for salads too.
Also known as a "pardina" style of lentil from their Spanish origins. Under limited production on Peter's farm.

Persian red lentils

Persian red lentils have a deeper flavour and stronger texture which works well with Middle Eastern spiced food including salads, soups, curries or in dishes with rice, poultryor lamb.
Our persian reds take just 10 minutes to cook and hold their shape well.

Green lentils

Green lentils are traditionally used in European and Mediterranean cuisine. They are a softer and milder lentil which adds substance and absorbs the flavours within the dish well. Green lentils are ideal for salads, soups, casseroles, burgers and cakes.
Larger in size than our other lentils, they take a bit longer to cook (15-20 minutes).

Red lentils

Red lentils are a traditional style of lentil well known for making spicy Indian dahls. They are the "fast food" of all lentils taking only minutes to cook and are great to use in dips, soups, salads, dahl, lentil mash, burgers, pasta sauces and casseroles. To retain their lovely deep red colour only cook by poaching for a few minutes and they will also have a nutty texture.  If you like them a little softer they will cook in boiling water still in just 5 minutes.  For a delicious dahl or lentil mash the lentils will be ready after boiling for 10 minutes and become pale yellow in colour.



Our freshly harvested Chickpeas are delicious in dips, soups, salads, curries, stews and tagines. Chickpeas are the main ingredient for making hommus dip. These chickpeas are quicker to cook (5-15minutes) if you soak them overnight first.  
Tip: Cook more than you need then freeze to use another time.